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Our extended network of contacts and suppliers provides us with year round access to high-quality meat from a number of different regions, and enables us to minimize the impact of seasonal variations in product availability.

Through long-term partnerships with major supplying processors, Shams has built a strong competitive edge in the meat industry, exporting 15% of Canada meat last year alone.

Our extensive supplier base and its combined volume makes it possible for Shams to provide reliable on-time deliveries of high quality meat all year round, which in turn enables our customers to better manage their inventory position.

Shams is in constant contact with world markets and gains vital global market intelligence every day. This invaluable information is continuously fed back to our suppliers to enable them to make important production decisions according to demand.

Our supply partners are focused on sourcing livestock raised in a clean, green, safe and natural environment. They are experts in procurement, production and processing, and in each case Shams takes full responsibility for their entire export marketing, sales, shipping and documentation.

Skilled Quality Assurance Staff Ensure Product Compliance to Specifications and to Food Safety

Raw Material Suppliers Must Have Annual Third Party Food Safety Audit  

Shams Meat Company Also Undergoes an Annual Third Party Food Safety Audit to Validate Our Own Food Safety Programs

Quality Assurance taste panel tests performed daily ensure an excellent eating experience.

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